Customer Testimonials

“They believe in executing every project to the highest standard and doing things the right way. They do not cut corners and no detail is too small.”

We hired Gallé Construction and Design for the renovation of our 3 washrooms, rear windows and doors, as well as our rear deck and loggia.

We were reluctant to take on a project this size as we’ve heard of so many horror stories of contractors that have left homeowners mid project, misquoted jobs or performed poor workmanship. 

Our experience with Alessandro and Gallé have put our fears to rest. Not only did Alessandro treat our home like his own, every one of Gallés’ contractors were respectful, on time, courteous and on the top of their game.

During every stage of the renovation, we were well informed of what was happening, who was coming, and how long it would take. Alessandro was always there to answer any questions, keep an eye on his contractors, lend his expert advice on minor design decisions, and of course, clean up after every visit.

This was our first experience renovating our home and we feel lucky to have found such a trustworthy and reliable organization as Gallé. They are a family business that really cares about their clients. They believe in executing every project to the highest standard and doing things the right way. They do not cut corners and no detail is too small.

We highly recommend Gallé for any home project whether it is a new build or renovation and we would gladly hire them again for our next project.

  • Roehl & Julie Sanchez

”The advantages to hiring them are so much more than a solid, beautiful house.
They build a relationship of trust with clients that seems almost otherworldly in this day and age.”

We’ve all heard nightmare contractor stories: the guy who overpromised and underdelivered, the guy who never came back to finish the last 10% of the job; the guy whose workmanship was so shoddy as to be embarrassing. Those stories make for a very anxious decision as you try choosing someone you hope you can trust to build your house. That’s why it’s a delight to write a review like this and to commend, without any reservation, Galle construction.

I did my due diligence in researching contractors, calling referrals for every person we interviewed for the job. Most referrals for other contractors we interviewed were kind but considerably tepid: “Yeah, it was a pretty good experience overall.” But whenever I called a Galle client, the contrast was stark, the enthusiasm of their clients so genuine and palpable. “We LOVE the Galles.” I actually talked with one woman who said she missed them at the end of her project.

Having just completed our gut reno with Galle, I perfectly understand the sentiment. It’s a miracle, really, to finish such a gargantuan project, involving a myriad of details and a mountain of money, to emerge on the other side with your respect for your contractor still intact. But that’s how I feel. If I believed in pots of gold, I’d say we fell into one when we discovered Galle.

To be specific, their integrity is unimpeachable. They are the kind of contractor who will tell you the truth, whether it’s what you want to hear or not. They don’t undersell a project simply to get your business. They quote a reasonable price for the work, and their numbers are very, very accurate. When there are problems with the project (and there inevitably will be), they communicate honestly but also with confidence. I never felt alarmed when we met an obstacle. I always felt confident that in the hands of Galle, we’d find the best solution. Very importantly, they are always reachable, so communicating with them, throughout the project, is easy. Their invoicing is clear, making it simple to keep the numbers straight. I was also grateful for how much of their design advice I also relied on as I faced decision upon decision.
At the end of the day, we have a home we love, a home whose workmanship reveals the care and attentiveness Galle gives to every project they undertake. It’s their workmanship that first sold me on the Galle name, but now I know that the advantages to hiring them are so much more than a solid, beautiful house. They build a relationship of trust with clients that seems almost otherworldly in this day and age. Now I understand why one of the first Galle clients I’d called for a referral admitted they were starting a second project with Galle.

For as momentous and time-consuming as building a house is, in collaboration with Galle, you could be convinced to do it all over again.

  • Ryan & Jen Michel

“… I can honestly say there is nothing that I am not completely happy with.”

The Galle family did an absolutely amazing job on our renovation. Our home turned out better than we thought and they were with us – advising, helping, supporting, every step of the way. All details surrounding the costs were always clearly explained and outlined. The budget was detailed and very accurate. The timelines were also very accurate. We were able to trust in the advice and work of Cesar, Alessandro and Stefano.

The work they did was all top notch. No detail was missed and I can honestly say there is nothing that I am not completely happy with. Things we weren’t able to think of, they did and it made the process that much easier.

I spent time interviewing companies prior to selecting Galle for our project and they stood out among the others throughout that process. Very professional but also realistic and down to earth.

I would highly recommend them!!

Thank you Cesar, Alessandro and Stefano for the wonderful work you did on our home!

  • Luke & Elaine Smyk

“My recent renovation was completed on time and on budget…”

My recent renovation was completed on time and on budget. We selected them after doing our research and seeing some of their recent projects which all looked very good. Family run business and the care and detail throughout the project and even once completed was and is great. I have recommended them to other people and would certainly hire them for any future projects. The fellows work with you to get the best results. Thank you to the Gallé family.

  • John & Nicky Abate

“You will be (Gallé Constructions) top priority and they are able to make anything happen with the best trades you will find, on budget and on time…”

Let me start by saying this company (family) is fantastic. You will often hear about horror stories people have had when completing a renovation….or at least I had and that can lead to some uneasiness in the period prior to hiring a contractor/builder. I can tell you with complete certainty when you deal with Gallé that is not a concern. You will be their top priority and they are able to make anything happen with the best trades you will find (on budget and on time). We’ve been in our house now for a few months and we still can’t believe how well this project came together. We’ve seen them building/renovating beautiful homes in our neighborhood for over a decade and couldn’t be happier with the finished product they built for us. So if you’re looking to make an investment in your home (and this is a significant investment) either through a renovation or a rebuild call Gallé Construction, your house will be built properly and you will be extremely happy.

  • Mike & Cindy Ippolito

“I am very happy with their work and would hire them again…”

I hired Gallé Construction Inc. to build my home and it turned out to be my dream home. I found them to be very professional, knowledgeable and great at keeping me within the budget. They are very quick in responding to questions and providing advice on the type of material, etc. I’m very happy with their work and would hire them again.

  • Maria Pecchia

“From our initial meeting, it was evident that the team at Gallé listens to their clients, provides helpful direction…and delivers on their commitments…”

From the beginning, the team at Gallé was professional, respectful, and transparent.
From our initial meeting, it was evident that the team at Gallé listens to their clients, provides helpful direction when necessary, and delivers on their commitments. They lead us through a complete gut of our bungalow, right down to the brick, and built it back into our dream home.
Their trades were excellent; their communication was clear and consistent; and their finished product was better than we had hoped… and best of all they’re really great people to work with.
I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for superior craftsmanship, lead by a great GC.

  • Dino & Franca De Iuliss

“Their level of construction knowledge, pride and quality of workmanship quickly helped to build to level of trust that reassured our decision to hire the right contractor…”

Our decision to build our dream home took over two years. During that time we researched and interviewed many builders. Because we had admired the work he had done on earlier projects in our neighborhood the first contractor that we contacted was Gallé Construction. Following our initial meeting and touring his homes at various stages of completion we were very impressed but decided we would continue to see what other possibilities were available. We visited several job sites and spoke with many other builders but in the end we confidently contacted Gallé.
Tearing down our family home and starting over is the largest financial commitment we could make and one, which understandably made us very nervous and apprehensive. Cesare and his sons really understood and they were able to reassure us throughout the entire project. From the many different phases: planning/design, demolition/build and right through to finishing intricate details, Gallé was always available to listen and advise in order to help us make wise and informed decisions. Their level of construction knowledge, pride and quality of workmanship quickly helped to build the level of trust that reassured our decision to hire the right contractor.
We are extremely happy with our custom home. It is everything we envisioned! If you are deciding to renovate or build a custom home we would highly recommend Gallé’ Construction Inc. 

  • Marcello Nigro and Sandra Carlino

“Frankly, the Gallés were outstanding to work with…

Too often you hear horror stories and cautionary tales from homeowners when choosing the right builder. After lengthy interviews with popular neighbourhood builders we weren’t entirely convinced with their complicated payment models and unrealistic timelines. Then we stumbled upon Gallé Construction and our first meeting with them was unlike any other. Following an informal conversation about our project Cesare offered an impromptu tour of a home, the owner of which had left in their care while he worked out of town. This spoke volumes of the character and professionalism of the family run business, that long after the home had been built and their business concluded there was still that continuing trust and closeness. Frankly the Gallés were outstanding to work with. We worked with the Gallés to personalize our home and received strategic insight on every finish from cabinetry, flooring and wainscoting to the style of our door hinges. Their recommendations made the selection process enjoyable and seamless. Their focus on quality craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail reassured us. Even after seeing their prior work our expectations were quite often exceeded. Their timetable and budget were right on the mark. Unlike most, the Gallés remain in close contact even after we moved in and ensured final touch-ups were complete and just right. We are so fortunate to have found and worked with this family who brought our dream home to life.

  • John and Alayna Lea

“We felt, from the very beginning, that we were in excellent hands…”

The prospect of building our home was an intimidating one. Our hesitation was understandable considering the nature of the task and the assistance required. My family was unsure of the process, fearful of the endeavour’s magnitude and influenced by unfortunate stories of friends.

And then we met Cesare Gallé and this team.

From the very onset of the project, Cesare demonstrated his expertise and professionalism through continuous communication and, most importantly, availability. His knowledge of home construction is incredibly impressive and all-encompassing. For example, he guided us through the initial first steps dealing with architectural design, permit application and budget planning. Throughout the entire process, Cesare, Alessandro and Stefano were always a phone call away. There was never a moment when we felt disconnected, never a question that wasn’t quickly answered. We felt, from the very beginning, that we were in excellent hands and, consequently, embarked on our project with peace of mind.

During the project, Cesare and his team held regular meetings with us to thoroughly explain the steps involved in construction. Our budget was of the utmost importance and was meticulously adhered to along with the time-frames discussed. One aspect of the process that was greatly appreciated was Cesare’s insistence on transparency. All work and material was accounted for, explained and documented.

Our home is a testament of the superior quality promised and delivered by Gallé Construction. The various materials, finishes, details infused into our house prove conclusively that the Gallé experience is an exceptional one. We are forever grateful to Cesare, Alessandro, and Stefano who have not only painstakingly crafted an exquisite house, but provided my family with a beautiful home.

Thank you, Gallé Construction.

  • Nelio and Angela Freitas

“We chose this builder for their high expectations and focus on quality workmanship…”

Gallé Construction Inc. has just completed a large renovation to our home. They were an amazing family to work with and we are very pleased with our new home. We chose this builder for their high expectations and focus on quality workmanship. Communication with the builder at every step along the way enabled us to confidently know how well our project was unfolding and our input was always sought. We felt Gallé always advocated with their trades people on our behalf and this built further confidence in them. We worked with Gallé in choosing all the finishing’s for our renovation and they provided us with their expertise and excellent recommendations throughout our project. One key element in choosing Gallé as a builder is that they are continuously concerned with customer satisfaction. Even as very few minor touch-ups are being completed, we continue to receive their support and utmost excellence in finishing our project. This renovation has been a wonderful experience and we would highly recommend Gallé Construction Inc. for any design/build/renovation project.

  • Lynn & Paul Romanchych

“They take a lot of pride in the work they do…”

My husband and I rented a house in Etobicoke for two years before deciding to buy.  We really liked the area we were in because it was so centrally located.  We looked at other homes in the area by different builders and nothing compared to the homes of Gallé Construction.  We had heard a lot about Gallé Construction and decided to investigate.

From the first time we met Cesare and his sons we knew we were in good hands.  They took the time to show us the workmanship on their homes. They take a lot of pride in the work they do.

We were really impressed.  We have lived in many homes and nothing compared to their quality.

We decided to purchase a home from them and have been very pleased with everything. They involved us in every decision that had to be made and took care of everything to make our life easier and less stressful.

We have been in our home almost a year now and absolutely love it!   We highly recommend Gallé Construction.  

  • Leanne & Wayne Primeau

“Through every step of the way we were kept informed of the progress. That was really the key – unsurpassed communication…”

Our experience with Gallé Construction was exceptional. The attention to detail from the early planning stages to moving in to our beautiful new house was unbelievable. The quality of the materials and the workmanship are amazing.

Through every step of the way we were kept informed of the progress. That was really the key – unsurpassed communication. Being kept informed and being asked for input at critical stages helped us understand where we were throughout the process. This allowed us to build a truly custom home. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Gallé to anyone interested in building their dream home!”

  • Richard & Rena Weldon

“The trust and comfort level is as strong today, as it was when we first met…”

A Vote of Confidence from The Morels – Proud Owners of a Gallé Construction Home For the last five months, we have been thoroughly enjoying our new Gallé Construction Home at 111 Laurel Avenue in Etobicoke. In short, are we happy with the home and would we recommend Gallé Construction! Absolutely and aside from the outstanding quality and detail of the home, is the Gallé family who stand proudly behind their quality homes and follow-up service.

The comfort level and outstanding relationship began with Mr. Cesare Gallé and his sons, at our final negotiations sitting at a kitchen table over a glass of wine. The trust and comfort level is as strong today, as it was when we first met. Hardly a week goes by, that Mr. Gallé or one of his sons, makes a point of making certain that any minor service detail (of which there have been very few), are responded to immediately and always with a truly caring response. Living in the same neighbourhood as the Gallé family has no doubt also been an additional asset.

As for the home itself, we viewed in excess of 20 similar priced homes which in our opinion, did not compare in quality and detail as our Gallé constructed home. We truly welcome and encourage any potential Gallé home prospective buyer to visit our home and come to the same positive conclusion as we did.

If you are considering purchasing a new home in excess of one million dollars, in our opinion there are four (4) key words that should form part of your final decision making process. Quality, Integrity, Credibility and Service.

The Gallé Construction family in our opinion have based their foundation and success on those four key critical factors that have become their trademark.

We are proud to be one of their homeowners and proud to be a part of the Gallé Construction family.

  • Sherry & Ray Morel

“You can always get a hold of someone…”

Our home was built by Gallé Construction and we are very pleased with the end result.

The workmanship and quality of the end product is perfect. Dealing with them on a day to day basis overall was very enjoyable and I would definitely use them again if I had too.

Our home is solid and we have been living in it for approximately one year and half and I have never had any problems. The detail of the workmanship and quality is top notch. I definitely would recommend Gallé Construction Inc. to anyone who wants to purchase or build a home.

I believe if anyone buys or builds from this company you will have peace of mind upon moving in because although you might pay a little more then you want, you will not have headaches or worries of fixing things and spending more money once you are in your home.

It is a family owned company; father and two sons and you can always get a hold of someone if needed. That to me is very important!

Great group of people, great work and reliable. I would definitely say I made a great choice with having them build our house.

  • Patty and Marco De Luca

They delivered with a home that has exceeded all of our expectations…”

From the moment we met with Cesare Gallé and his team, we were impressed with his desire to build not just a house for us, but a “home”. Unlike other builders we interviewed, Gallé Construction promised to take the time and care to build our home as if it were their own – and they delivered with a home that has exceeded all of our expectations. From the time we decided to go with Gallé Construction, Cesare and the entire Gallé team showed patience and willingness to explain each step of the construction project and to provide wise advice on all critical decisions while showing great attention to even the smallest of details. No question or issue was too small or too insignificant. The Gallé’s always made themselves available to discuss any matter and to meet with us on site at our convenience.

  • John & Sandra Chimienti
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