When it comes time to find your next home, are you going to buy new or used? What about building from the ground up? 

While there are certainly some cost benefits of buying a pre-existing or older home, there are also drawbacks. Sure, you save some money, but you have to live in a home designed by and for someone else. 

Alternatively, when you work with home builders to design and create luxury custom homes, you get exactly what you want. You can dictate the exact luxury and comfort features you want to enjoy for years to come, rather than settling for a house that is left wanting.

But what are the key features of luxury custom built homes? Keep reading to find out.

1. Luxury Bathrooms

Bathrooms are much more than utilitarian spaces we use to take care of our most primal needs. While many homes treat them as such, luxury custom homes look at bathrooms as sanctuaries.

Sure, they serve the basic purpose for people to use the restroom and getting ready for the day. However, luxury bathrooms are also a place of relaxation and rejuvenation. 

They have over-sized showers with massaging jets from head to toe, giant tubs for soaking, and heated floors.

2. High-End Kitchens

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of a home. Here, you spend hours preparing meals, conversing with friends and family, and dining. 

Custome luxury home designs incorporate a high-end kitchen. This includes quality floors, cabinets, and countertops. However, luxury kitchens also include top-of-the-line appliances.

3. Open-Floor Layouts

Open floor plans are a must for custom-built luxury homes. They make homes feel bigger, more open, and more lavish. Few walls and high-vaulted ceilings are essential to creating a larger-than-life atmosphere.

This also gives the homeowner plenty of options for design, purpose, and function within a space.

4. Smart Home Features

Modern luxury custom homes come fully equipped with smart technology. Using AI technology, a homeowner can automate their entire home. From a control panel or mobile device, a homeowner can:

  • Lock and unlock doors
  • Control the lighting
  • Control the thermostat
  • Open and close blinds
  • Tap into their security system 
  • Play music
  • Water the yard or garden
  • And more

Not only are smart home features incredibly convenient, but they also convey a sense of affluence and class.

5. Quality Outdoor Living Spaces

Custom luxury home plans must also include outdoor living spaces. Though our homes are designed for comfort, luxury, and protection from the elements, the average homeowner still appreciates spending time outside.

Luxury homes extend the comfort from the interior of the home to the exterior. This includes outdoor kitchens, swimming pools, hot tubs, fire pits, pergolas, and more. Finely built decks and stone patios are also necessary to pull everything together.

Want to Know More About Luxury Custom Homes?

If you’re interested in luxury custom homes, we urge you to look into our custom home design and build process. However, we also offer renovations and additions for people who love the homes they’re in but know there’s room for improvement.

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