All of your assumptions about building a custom home are wrong.

Okay, maybe not all of them, but most of them – such as it’s more cost-effective to buy an existing house than it is to build one just for you.

While buying a house off the market seems like a cheaper deal at first, it likely will incur more costs down the line. Not to mention the emotional cost of not getting everything you want from your home.

We genuinely believe that building a house in Toronto is better than buying a pre-built one, and we’re prepared to tell you why – below.

Is Building a House in Toronto Worth It?

Building a custom home can be more expensive than buying an existing home upfront. That’s because you have to buy the land and make choices you don’t get to make in an existing home.

But by the time you calculate in the things below over time, the costs should even out.

1. New Houses are More Sustainable (and Efficient!)

While most of the sustainability movement is about not buying new, custom homes are an exception. Why? They’re much more energy-efficient and responsible than homes that were built even just ten years ago, for example.

If you bought a home that was built in the ’90s, chances are it doesn’t have energy-efficient windows or any sort of solar capacity. If you don’t make those updates when you move in, you’ll be losing money on the eventual selling price and your utilities every month.

You’ll have to pay the higher utility prices until you pay for the renovations to bring the house up to date – all of which will cost tens of hundreds of dollars (at that point).

It’s much less expensive to buy and install energy-efficient features in a new build than it is to tear out old features and replace them.

And with global warming where it’s at, now is not the time to shrug off sustainability. We have to do something about our emissions, fast, and everyone has a responsibility to chip in.

Talk to our design team about making your home as sustainable as possible, and save on your utilities (plus up the property value) when you make your appointment.

2. They Provide Room for Growth

One of the most common reasons people move out of a home they love, or just like, is because their family is growing and they need more space.

And whether that means your elderly relative moving in with you, a new baby, or a child living back at home, custom building a house gives you options.

We can configure your home with as many bedrooms as you need. Do you foresee the need for more privacy with this familial addition? Why not build a guest house or a mother-in-law suite? A basement with a separate entrance?

When you’re doing a custom build, the options are endless.

You also have fewer issues with neighbors and neighborhood restrictions. When you’re building in a new place, you don’t have to worry about renovation sounds disturbing anyone or the neighborhood association, not allowing you to extend your home to a certain point.

Province and local regulations still apply, but it’s a lot easier to build new than to renovate something current.

3. They Have Brand New Appliances and Technology

We’ve all moved into a house, whether rented or bought, that has a faulty something. Maybe the hot water takes seven minutes to come on in the morning, or the heat makes a funny sound when it comes on.

Or maybe things work well, but not great – and you’ll have to budget for a replacement in the coming years. That doesn’t happen when you’re buying a custom home.

Why? Everything we put in is brand new! You’ll still have to replace things down the road, as every homeowner does, but your clock won’t already be ticking when you move in.

That means you won’t have to worry about roof or appliance replacement for at least ten or fifteen years, while you might have to do it in the next five or eight with an existing home.

And those are just the basics. We can also put in features like smart thermostats, heated floors, custom driveways, smart locks – pretty much anything your heart desires.

We pride ourselves on giving our families the most options possible, so please, don’t be afraid to ask!

4. You Don’t Have to Make Concessions

As someone that lives in Canada, you’ve obviously seen HGTV. Most of the shows are filmed here, though the network is based in America.

And if you’ve watched any of the shows, you know that people who move into pre-existing homes have a list of must-haves, that often get whittled down and rejected by the time they find a home in their budget.

You don’t have to worry about that with a custom home. We can base your entire design off your must-have list, so you get everything you’re looking for.

Open floor plans? Check. Hardwood floors? Check. Farm-style sink? Check. Whatever you want, we can put it in for you.

Creating Your Custom Home in Toronto

The easy way isn’t necessarily the right way. And that’s true when it comes to building a house in Toronto.

While buying an existing home seems easier (because it’s what you’re used to), we can make building a house as easy as possible for you.

Take a chance and give your family everything they’ve ever wanted in a home.

Ready to get started? Take a look at our services or gallery today!